Hi Natalie and Nancy:

I voted you best today in the News-Gazette. Then voted for all of my other favorites.

Finally got the feeders squared away and within an hour of having three feeders on the pole, I had eight birds eating. I had seven on the feeders and a Downy at a suet cake.

I've got house wrens, goldfinches, cardinals, of course, and one that might be a white-throated sparrow. Still have a humming bird feeder to hang. Squirrels seem mostly content now to eat off the ground. When they do get on the pole, I open the door and do my best old man impression yelling: "Hey, get off of my lawn!" Or some variation.

Actually, I could probably quit yelling, since just opening the door is enough to send them scampering back to the fence.

Thanks for all your help and giving me lessons in birding. See you when I need more seed.